NIFD Fashion Design

NIFD is a perfect blend of style and education . Ashley Rebello and Hemant Trevedi, both being the leading Fashion Designer with perfect combination of style, glamour with vast experience in Fashion design industry. Under their mentorship the students will be suitably guided for this ever growing field of fashion design

  • Elements of Design (Colour theory and textile design)
  • Elements of Fashion (Fashion Terminology)  
  • Fashion Figure Drawing (Sketching)
  • Elementary Tailoring Techniques (Drafting, cutting and stitching of garments)
  • Textile Fundamentals (Detail knowledge of fabrics)
  • Surface Ornamentation (Hand embroidery, tie & dye)
  • Indian Art and Appreciation (State wise study of traditional costumes)
  • Technical Fashion Sketches (Men’s sketching)
  • Design process (Inspiration, mood board)
  • Drafting & Pattern making (Men’s wear & women’s wear)
  • Advance Tailoring Techniques (Men’s wear & women’s wear, cutting and stitching)
  • Textiles & Embroidery (State wise embroidery
  • Textiles & Embroidery (State wise embroidery)

Our Post Graduate program gives a leap to the Fashion Design graduates. It gives an opportunity for them to enhance their knowledge through in depth learning. The Post Graduate program allows them to explore more opportunities in future with the industry insights and details. Helping students take their design on the next level with better understand on the specialized subjects and eventually giving an exposure towards the fashion industry.

1st Year

The enlightenment we offer :

  • Garment Construction Techniques – I (Women’s pattern making, corset and evening gown stitching)
  • Technical fashion Illustrations (Advance sketching techniques)
  • Creative Surface and textiles (Understanding different techniques of surface embellishments and textile varieties with its history)
  • World Costumes and Textiles(A very detail study of world fashion and accessories and textiles)
  • Draping Art (Detail study of fabrics and their types, technology impact on textile industry, draping)

2nd Year

The enlightenment we offer :

  • Garment Construction Techniques – II (Men’s Wear)
  • Surface Ornamentation Techniques (Different types of surface embellishments to use, different types of fabrication to use and their history and fashion forecasting, origami garments, macramé)
  • Media and Communication for Fashion (History of computers, era of computers, what is WWW, social networking, social network, marketing, personal branding on internet)
  • Textile care & Handling (Types of finishes, care of fabrics while laundering, stain removals, types of washing machines, laundry process, restoration of antique textiles)
  • Project Dissertation (study and research work on craft)

A 3 Year Years Degree Program is for students who have chosen to build their career in Fashion Design after they complete their 10+2. Students in this course gradually move ahead and learn the details of interior design from the best of our faculty and workshops. This motivates the students to enrol for Post Graduate courses as well.

The enlightenment we offer :

  • Care renovation and finishes of textiles (Care and finishes uses for textiles)
  • Fashion concept & Design Development (Inspiration, themes, design boards)
  • Promotional product development (Product development as per given theme and inspiration)
  • Couture Tailoring (pattern grading in sizes and draping types)
  • Creative Embroidery & Embellishments (Introduction to popular world embroideries and embellishments)
  • Decorative fabrics & materials (Printing & Dyeing Techniques)
  • Retail Marketing & Visual Merchandising (Marketing, Visual Merchandising)

Meet Our Mentors

Mr. Manish Malhotra

Chief Mentor London School of trends

Mrs. Twinkle Khanna

Hip HoChief Mentor NIFD Interior Designp Expert

Mr. Ashley Rebello

Chief Mentor NIFD Fashion Design

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